All boats, although designed to be in the water, need constant interventions and
maintenance,  these are fundamental steps to guarantee their safety and to extend their life; by storing on land  away from humidity and bad weather, Nautica Del Pin performs all the necessary maintenance operations to avoid the deterioration of the boat and its equipment.
In this way, at the beginning of the new season, it one is certain to find the boat in perfect working order.


Our main activities are oriented to the repair, overhaul and replacement of outboard, sterndrive and inboard marine engines, to the treatment of the hulls and small repairs on all kind of boats and pleasure boats.


The use of original spare parts available at our warehouse and the experience of the owner Antony Del Pin, allow us to offer customers a high quality guarantee of the execution of our services.

Marine engines

In addition to operating on all marine engines on the market, our workshop is authorized for the sale and installation of Tohatsu marine engines and  for the installation of mechanical and electrical hydraulic systems.

We are specialized in fiberglass repairs and reconstructions and are able to provide an electrical laboratory for the installation and repair of all on board electronic equipment .

In addition we are official dealers of various  eye-catching boat models, perfect for both speed lovers and holiday goers.
Our models are: Project 19, Laguna Nord, Laguna Blu, Laguna Beach.



Marano Lagunare (UD)
via Serenissima


Roberto Del Pin: +39 335 5224909